The Staying

Its been a while since I have even opened this blog. There is a lot to catch up on with my fav fans who read this blog. JK the fact that this blog got clicked 3500 times over the last 4 years is hilarious. More than for anybody else but for myself I wanted to start a little timeline of what happened in the meanwhile.

2018: Moved to Olney Illinois made great friends who I have no contact with anymore. Started working for a prof. at Vincent University.

2019: Quit everything I was doing and moved to Holland Michigan. Made a handful of friends but mostly I was busy working. Def. the year where I hit rock bottom I had no money my relationship was going to be ending just a couple months into the year and I had no friends besides the couple work homies I liked to hang with and I could stand talking to. What a year… I’m still looking back and questioning why I have chosen the path to move to Michigan. By late 2018 I had just figured everything out in Olney IL and started making real friends.
Anyhow I’m very grateful that I did what I did, this was quintessential the whole reason why I moved to America in the first place. Getting out of the comfort zone was the goal of this whole trip. Well in 2019 I achieved to end up on the other side of the comfort zone. The place I have been in was more a underpass at a foggy never ending night.
By the end of 2019 I can say I was in a desperate to find the comfort zone again.

2020: Started off great I spent the holidays with my fam in Germany. The fact that I had sex over Christmas after an infinity definitely helped my mood. However getting emotionally attached to someone living on the opposite site of the bond is not recommended if you even care the siltiest about your mental state. So that ended again soon after I got back to America and left a slight scare on my ice cold heart *HAHA.
That year I should start to realize that having friends who care about you is the most essential part of a successful live. Not having real friends for the most part of the past 2 years made me excited to start this endeavor.
The Mission :find friends: started once I moved to NC here in NC where I’m sitting right now everything changed. I made friends I like and I was invited to parties. I found that live is more than work and that it is up to the decisions we make on the way that get us where we want to be. It is not to anybody then yours self to make the best out of your live….

That’s where I leave it off for td and let the pictures below take over

Mt. Mitchell with the fam
5 beer down
Training or the Zombie apocalypse
South Mountain State Park, NC
South Mountain State Park with the hottie I call GF

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