How life is going so far

Hello my little fellas,

this is gonna be my first blogpost in English. Why? I don’t know… I think I just want to make sure that my brain starts thinking more and more in the other language. It’s a litte bit fatiguing switching between languages all the time.

When I am writing my friends in Germany or send them voice messages on WhatsApp I use German, when I am skyping with my family members I use German, too. Sometimes I have a whole evening only using German and didn’t talk at college at all (because my classes are kind of constructed like lectures – so you listen to the professor and there is only a little oral participation of the students). Then the next day I’m waking up and I literally forget to talk in English to my hosts.

Also I’ve got some problems with my assignements. I try to appear smart and searching all the time for professionals words but most of the time I end up with looking them up in the dictionary because they lack in my vocubalary. It’s not bad at all because if I look them up, I can remeber them better by heart but it costs me a lot of time. So sometimes I spend with homework around 3-4 hours and this is only one subject (for example reading a chapter in my marketing book and write a summary of the content).

So how is life going?

I really like my college and I also like the people. Although it is really difficult to find new friends. All of them are really nice and helpful but at the same time they are only interested in you on the surface. Nobody strives for a stronger relationship here, maybe because most of them are staying only for two years. And the second reason I think is, that all of them have settled their friendship groups so it is hard to get a place in there.

Well anyways I am busy with college all the time and instead of doing my homework I am writing this posts. It is good to talk about stuff which keeps you busy all the time and write down all your thoughts are kind of liberating.

I had one moment of happiness the last weekend. Since our soccer college team had a home game on campus I went there to watch them playing. The atmosphere was totally different to that what I was used to from German soccer matches but it was fun to me. The refs and linemen spoke English what first sounded strange to me and the players on the field were talking a mixture of English and Spanish. What was also strange to me is the fact that maybe only a few of the college students supported our team. It was a cloudy but no rainy day and I think that the bigger part of audience cheered the opponents.

I acclimatized with this situation very fast and I enjoyed the match a lot. The score was 8:1 for our Hawks. Watching soccer gives me a feeling of home – this is like my therapie to forget that I am sometimes homesick.

So guys – thank you that you made my day! I hope, I can watch a few other games till the end of season. Take care.

Also it is almost my birthday. I have only one week left – I really don’t know what I am gonna do.

Here is an appeal to all my German friends, colleagues and family: Please think of me and send congrats! Thank youuuu 🙂 (*fishing for some attention*)

Shout-out goes to my dad: I hope you figure out what I am writing without using google translator!!

See you later.


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